Concordia’s University Boot Camp Bolsters University Admissions

Northwestern University admissions representative, Ms. Christy Callahan, visited #ConcordiaHanoi to give a College Boot Camp to our high school students - providing tips on how to select the right university and how to best prepare their university applications.

Students and their parents met with Ms. Callahan by grade, with a more intensive all-day session for seniors. Both students and parents found the Boot camp experience extremely beneficial to understanding and preparing for their university application process. 

“I find this opportunity to be very insightful and it helps me a lot with navigating the process. It helps me know more about what it's like to apply to the U.S. colleges as an international student. The boot camp really is more than just an online Google search, like it's full of information that you can't find online. The experience provided me with the information that will help me further in my application process.” Gia Minh (G11) 

“It was really interesting to see and hear from the admission officer’s point of view. I really learned a lot about how my application document should look. It was a really educational experience.” Hyewon (G12)

“Even though I’m not planning to go to a U.S. university, I plan to go to Japan, it was helpful for me to know how universities select and evaluate students' resumes and grades for their admissions decision.”  -  Ami (G11)

“I feel that the college boot camp was an amazing experience for our students because we were able to talk face-to-face with a proper college admissions officer in person.  We were able to gain direct experience from the presentation and the conversation with them.” Quang Minh (G10). 

“I was impressed with how the students were given the opportunity to view the process from the perspective of the admissions officer.  I believe it provides them valuable insight and enables them to prepare themselves and their application better,” said Nate Dickerson, parent of a G12 student.  

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