Concordia’s Grade 4 Students Practice Entrepreneurial Skills

Market Day is a culminating project that allows students to put their economics, entrepreneurial and creative skills into practice. Students work with a partner, create a business plan, and produce a good or service that can be sold or offered to our elementary students. 

"Grade 4 students are learning about economics by creating their own businesses that they debuted at Market Day! Students are learning about needs, wants, profit, loss, and supply and demand. They made a business plan and figured out how to acquire the items they needed for their products - either by purchasing the items with their own money or by doing chores at home to earn the items. These students learned how to earn their money, create a successful business, and also explored how Vietnam's economy works along the way!" - Ms. Emily McKinney

concordia elementary school kids during market day

Students explored the economic concepts of supply & demand, opportunity costs, and budgeting as well as looking at the resources necessary to be producers.

Students decide on what they want to sell at their “store.” In the past students have sold items such as handmade goods (crafts, paper airplanes, origami); drinks, homemade baked goods, and other food items. Other students have offered services like games or shoulder massages. 

“My business was good when we sold almost all the Tao Pho and Kevin was really happy.” - Linh

“Our store basically sold out of all the good things after 5th grade came. My business partner was nice and easy to communicate with.”  - Bibi

Concordia middle school at market day

“We had to promote our Japanese snacks so people would know they’re yummy.” - Ren

“I was surprised - I thought none of the people would buy our stuff, but I was wrong. A middle school guy bought so many of the pokemon cards” - Kevin

“While we are selling, we need to make sure that they play our games and buy many things.”  - Bim

“We had a very fun time and earned so much money that we could donate.” - Tasi

grade 4 market day at concordia hanoi

“I was surprised that the middle schoolers bought so much and how the reception students knew how to calculate.” - Minh

“I’d recommend next year’s students get squishies and fidgets to sell.” - Cole

The 40 million VND that was earned on the Market Day was donated to Blue Dragon and Hanoi Pet Adoption. Well done Concordia entrepreneurs.

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