Concordia’s Grade 3 students give to the community

Concordia Grade 3 students handed out Christmas gifts they made for important people in our community. They wrapped a chocolate bar in paper and decorated it and put gloves on the top to make a 'hat'.

Students gave thanks to the same community workers throughout this whole school year, and started doing so at Thanksgiving. The 3rd graders were inspired by our school theme to walk a mile in their shoes and by other service projects happening by members of our Concordia family. Students try to greet them by name and 'Wish them well!' (send our good and kind thoughts to them) during our morning meetings.  

three kids with their gifts

We asked students about their experience. 

How did you feel about handing out your gift today?

“I was pretty nervous, but I was really happy. It was easier than I expected,” said Dang Khoi (G3).

a student and a security man

“It makes me embarrassed, but I am actually proud because I just got brave and gave it to him,” said David (G3).

“I feel happy! I feel a little bit sad because I wanted to eat it,” said Sarah (G3).

a school girl and a cleaning lady

What did you do today?

“I gave the snowman I made, and the chocolate and the gloves and my card to Ms. Uyen and I felt happy. I felt nervous at first, but when I gave it to her and saw her smile I was so happy,” said Chaelin (G3).

a school girl and a cleaning lady

“We gave out our Christmas presents for our person. At Thanksgiving we went to say thank you to people that work at our school. We were each given one person. And now give them presents at Christmas. I wrote a card and it said ‘Hello Mr. Truong. Merry Christmas! I hope you do your job well so you have money. Not just for food but also for traveling. From Le Duong,’ said Le Duong (G3).

students and a security man

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