Concordia’s Counseling Department helps Juniors Find their Field

Concordia’s Counseling program helps students identify their major and intended field of study through seminar classes held throughout their junior year. 

The Bolt spoke with two current seniors about how Concordia’s junior seminar classes helped them find and refine their future careers.

Julia G12 “Actually it was during our seminar classes where we had to research about our intended major that we were interested in for college, where I identified that nursing was one of the majors that I was interested in. That was largely due to the counselors, and they helped me a lot through that process. 

After I identified nursing as something in which I was definitely interested, one counselor introduced me to the Vietnam National Geriatric Hospital, and I got an internship over the summer. That was a very positive experience for me, and has helped reconfirm that nursing is the major that I want to study in college.”

Thomas G12 “I've had a business major in mind since I was in 9th grade because I want to help my parents in managing their business. I interned at my parents' business during the summer. I was working in the factory to build an understanding of the inner workings of the production in a business. 

I do also have a decent technological skill set that I can apply in various areas. Right now I'm using my skillset to build facial recognition technology, and I hope to apply that to business as well. The Concordia counselors have helped me a lot in terms of selecting what activities I should join to support my university application, suggested the kinds of schools I should apply to, and which specific universities would be the best fit for me. Using the criteria of not only my intended major but also even my personality Concordia helps me build that path to where I want to go.”  


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