Concordia’s Campus Keeps Kids Safe When Outside Air is Dangerous

Concordia’s campus ensures students breathe clean air while in class and moving between classes. 

Classrooms, hallways and common areas are closed to the outside air, and have filtration systems in place to keep the AQI numbers inside our buildings at a desirable level. 

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“We continue to allocate resources toward safety for the school, and maintaining good AQI inside the buildings is one of our top priorities,” said Head of School Dr. Doug Grove. “We do that through our air conditioning filtration system and by having additional air purifiers in the classrooms and offices. We will continue to put resources toward this effort.” 

In order to ensure students’ health and safety, Concordia continuously monitors the Air Quality Index (AQI) and limits or restricts outdoor activities when the AQI is deemed to be at dangerous levels. Concordia utilizes two gyms for children to exercise during recess and Physical Education classes when the AQI is not optimal.

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“Concordia’s primary focus on eco-friendliness regarding its architecture shows that our school has sincere concern and consideration for students who use the buildings,” said Jinseo (G11).

Well-known as a “green” school, Concordia is proud to be the only LEED Silver (Building A) Certified school in Vietnam, and Building B boasts LOTUS Gold certification from the Vietnam Green Building Council. 

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Concordia is dedicated to reducing the school’s environmental footprint and encourages students to be conscious of their everyday actions which can affect the environment.

Learn more about our Green Buildings and Dedication to Environmental Sustainability.

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