Concordia Students Learn Why Words Have Weight

ConcordiaHanoi Grade 8 students realized the weight of their words during their recent Seminar class. As part of the class, students learn how and why negative statements are burdens to ourselves and others - and why positive words make a difference to our and others’ well-being. 

The Bolt spoke with two Grade 8 students about their experiences in the class.  

“Our social health is determined by what is said to us and what we say. We are impacted socially.  I think it's about respect and self esteem like we learned,” said Jeny.

“I think the crawling lesson with the four negative things we have heard in our life really shows how they affect people.  The more negative pieces we have to carry are like a metaphor for the negative words that build up and make it harder to live life well,” said Tue Anh.

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