Concordia Preschoolers Play to Learn, Learn to Play - and Learn to Learn

Concordia knows every child, particularly in preschool, and it is a major reason why learning begins at this level.

“One of the things we do well is personalizing each students’ education, through one-on-one sessions and designing the units to be meaningful for each child,” Concordia’s preschool teacher Mrs. Ross explained, adding, “We customize learning to each student’s skill level, particularly phonics and math.”

“This year each student gets to choose their own ‘passion week,’ during which they are the expert on something they’re passionate about. 

“While soft skills are a focus, we also do some traditional sit-down for practice writing their names or numbers, we need to get letter and number formations and how to write our name. how to form an ‘8’.

“We’ve seen that students who complete our preschool program have an easy time excelling at the coming grade levels and absorbing new material,” Mrs. Ross added.

Preschool boy reading a book
Preschool girl learn from a board on the wall

Learning through Play

Play is also central to our preschool program. Concordia has a set amount of minutes expected for play, which is structured free play. Our academic practice is game based. Much of the preschool learning happens through songs and games. 

“We are learning math by throwing numbered bean bags,” explained Ms. Ross. “We have large floorboards. students roll the dice, and they have to jump that many spaces. 

Songs are also a scientifically proven way of assisting learning, and Concordia preschoolers sing songs for days of the week, months of the year, and expressing how they feel. They also have songs about learning to count - like counting to 10, and counting by 10. 

“Last year we did an ocean unit, and we did the layers of the ocean through a song,” 

Preschool girl play with a globe-like wheel
two preschool boy riding bikes
preschool girl smiling happily on a swing

Developing a Love of Learning - and Learning How to Learn

Ultimately the goal of preschool is to develop a lifelong love of learning. 

“I want to ignite a passion for learning, because then they can learn anything. The sky's the limit.” 

“They love school, learning is fun, learning is meaningful,” said Mrs. Ross. “They love it and they love to learn. I love to teach reading so kids love to read - that’s the most important thing. Because that love of reading will take them anywhere.”

preschool girl learns from a wall-block
preschool girl learn to write on a white paper

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