Concordia Middle School Students Travel to HCMC for ASAC Football 

Each year, Concordia Hanoi travels with students for LAUNCH and CAMP trips, school clubs, and athletics. This past year, Concordia International School Hanoi offered students unique opportunities to travel through our athletic teams. Concordia athletic teams traveled to Phuket, Phnom Penh, and Ho Chi Minh City. Later this year, we are taking a group of middle school students to Jakarta! Through athletics and travel, our students get to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity with their peers. Continue reading to learn about our middle schoolers’ and coaches’ experience in Ho Chi Minh this past month!

“It was a really nice experience. Both sets of boys and girls showed school pride, making it a really enjoyable experience. Many of them stepped out of their comfort zones, playing positions they aren't used to, committing to it, and making the most of it” - Coach Ben Turner-Williams. 

“It was a wonderful experience. It was fun to meet people from different schools and meet new friends from different parts of the world. Together we grew closer and used our skill sets which created a great team bonding experience” said Natalie (G8). 

concordia's middle school boy football team

“The MS Girls Soccer team at ASAC were an amazing group of girls. They showed an incredible amount of fighting spirit and determination in every game they played. Despite experiencing some adversity which included injuries and heartbreaking losses, they played bravely. Each member of the team was able to find that little extra energy that was needed, just at the right time. They played so well together as a team, supporting each other magnificently. They demonstrated impressive sportsmanship throughout the tournament, on and off the field. Concordia should be proud of the way we were represented!” - Coach Kathryn Lewis.

“My favorite part was when we won the game for 3rd place” said Henry (G8).

“Between games we talked with other students competing in ASAC and played basketball with them. It was fun meeting new friends from other schools” said Sam (G8).

concordia's middle school students pre-match photo

"We played against ISHMIC for 3rd or 4th place and won the game through perseverance. It was a very close game, tied at one point, but then we scored two goals. It wasn't a great game overall, but it had a great finish, especially after losing the semi-final, which the boys could have won" - Coach Bart Maas.

“The best part was communicating with friends. Having students from grades 6 through 8 on the trip allowed us to strengthen existing friendships and make new ones during breaks between games” said Haewon (G6).

“My favorite part was making friends from other schools” said Yeyeong (G6).

girl students plays football

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