Concordia Middle School Robotics Students Bring Bots to Vex IQ competition

Concordia middle school robotics students participated in a recent Vex IQ Robotics competition. 

Not specifically scored, the event was an opportunity for middle school robotics students from different schools around Hanoi to build and engage in an informal competition. 

Concordia students came to the competition well prepared with original robot designs, and found the chance to pit their bots against those of their peers rewarding and insightful. 

“I learned about the center of mass, gear ratios and how they affect the speed and rotations of the wheels,” said Minh Khoi (G7), adding, “I also learned how to communicate with friends and work as a team to win a competition.” 

“First in school we were trying to make a robot that would score the maximum points, so we researched different ideas. Through trial and error, we found ideas that worked and used them in the competition,” said Chad (G7). “In particular, we built a robot with an extendable arm, and that allowed us to gain extra points in the competition by extending it to squares.” 

“The competition was a new and very fun experience we had never done before, “ said Long (G6). 

“It was really really good practice and a good opportunity to prepare for next year’s competition,” said Jason (G6)

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