Concordia Middle School Makes New Students Feel Welcome

Moving to a new school can be daunting at any age - that’s why Concordia’s middle school makes it its mission to ensure each and every student feels welcomed from day one. 

The Bolt spoke with three Concordia middle school students who came to Concordia this year and they told us how they’ve been welcomed by both students and teachers. 

“Concordia has made me feel very welcome because the teachers especially have taught me the ways of assessing the assignments and the grades. There is a great community with a lot of friends. I feel like it's easy to talk to everyone, and everyone's polite.” - Jude G8

“Concordia has many great teachers and they made me feel really welcome, even on orientation day and on the first day of school. There are many great people and friends that you can meet with.  I've met a plethora of people from different ethnicities with different personalities and different shapes but they are people who are very kind to me. They made me really welcome in Concordia.” - Bao Dinh (G8)

“I think that Concordia has really affected me positively and welcomed me. On the first day of school my student-to-student partner came up to me, and she was like ‘Are you Ashley?’ and I was like ‘Yeah,’ and she's like ‘Well, welcome to Concordia, let me show you around’ and that just made me feel really good. I’ve made a lot of friends and they've made me feel welcome. Sometimes maybe they don't know how to say a specific word in English and they can ask me something -  that just makes me feel like I have an effect here at the school.” - Ashley (G6) 

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