Concordia Mathletes Compete in Global Math Competition

Our Concordia Middle School and High School students received the highest score in Vietnam during The Purple Comet Math Meet! Established in 2003, The Purple Comet Math Meet is a free online international math competition where high school and middle school students can compete with others from around the world. Concordia students faced off against participants from 62 different countries, including the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, India, Spain and many more! This math meet showcased the school’s dedication to academic excellence and their competitive spirit.

High school students in online purple math competition

“This was the first time we have done this math competition. What I appreciate about this math contest is that it is free and online. The students are able to create a team of six which brings a collaboration aspect that also involves teamwork. The students get to use notes and books if they need to. The problems start easy and progressively get harder which brings in aspects of problem solving and innovation. This gets the students excited about different types of math problems they have not yet encountered in the classroom. In the future, we will compete in more math competitions.” - Ms. Hien Le 

"I find it interesting because it differs greatly from a typical math class. It focuses on basic concepts and encourages critical thinking to solve difficult problems, requiring students to figure out the process." - Andrew (G11)

Highschool students boys and girls competing in math competition

“As we were solving the problem we were learning and growing. I enjoyed it.” - Hailey (G8)

“What I liked most about it was how intensely all the students worked together and collaborated. I really enjoyed that experience of strenuously focusing one-hundred percent on that exam. Additionally, it was both a productive and a great bonding experience for us as mathletes.” - Preston (G11)

Highschool students boys and girls competing in math competition

“I saw how working together gave us better answers.” - Jooeon (G8)

“I really enjoyed being able to work with my teammates and challenge myself with new math problems.” - Quang Minh (G11)

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