Concordia Math and Science Club helps Students Sharpen Skills

Concordia’s Math and Science Club (C-MaS) provides an after school opportunity for students to delve deeper into the world of math and science, experiment and learn more about their topics of interest, and even compete. 

Building working turntables from motors, needles and paper cups that actually played vinyl records was one recent accomplishment. 
Student members and leaders shared their club experience and vision: 

"Our club has a long history from 2013, so C-MaS itself is symbolic of Concordia's STEM.
It is meaningful that we get opportunities to explore aspects of science and math that are not possible within the constraints of classrooms; we can continuously develop passion and curiosity for science and math through various hands-on labs and other engaging activities!" said Jinseo (G11).

“I joined because of the math component, however after doing scientific experiments I think that’s also a very interesting aspect to learn about - especially when we made turntables and listened to vinyl records using motors, cups and needles,” said Minh (G11). 

“Our primary goals for C-MaS are to foster a spirit of curiosity, inquiry, innovation, and creativity among students by offering hands-on lab experiments, trivia questions, and participating in a variety of math and science competitions in Hanoi and beyond; as well as to make science and mathematics enjoyable and fun for all students,” said Preston (G10).

“C-MaS has been a great opportunity for me to learn more about the STEM field. I love how I can learn things that are not taught in classes,” said Hyewon (G12). 

To learn more about Concordia’s high school math and science programs, click here.

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