Concordia Launched an Elementary-wide STEM program

Concordia launched an elementary-wide STEM program, with defined curriculum goals and outcomes for each grade on basic computing competencies, digital citizenship and design thinking. Introducing basic design and engineering concepts, students are learning to be creative, make observations and give evidence.

The Bolt spoke to some Reception students about what they liked and learned in STEM class during Home Learning.

“My best part is being creative because my mom loves me being creative,” said Minh An. “I made lots of buildings, and then played with friends. I love it.”

“I learned how to twist, and steps to make shapes,” said Marika. 

“I liked it when the teacher taught me how to make a fish,” said Si Yoon.

“I like to make animals, I love everything,” said Bao Anh.

“I like making lots of things and trying things that are difficult, and I like playing pretend and being a pirate,” said Ha.

“I made a bunny rabbit. I used a circle and an oval and stems for ears,” said Matteo.

“I recognized a cat because of the pointy ears,” said Ahn.

“I made a wolf,” said Vi.

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