Concordia Hosts Big Data CIRCH Conference

Big Data students from Concordia International School Hanoi and Concordia International School Shanghai collaborated and shared their research findings at the annual Concordia International Research Conference Hanoi (CIRCH).

“The depth, thoroughness, and quality of the work presented were truly outstanding,” said conference participant Davin (G12). “I think it was a great opportunity and experience for students to expand their research beyond their classes and really try to find meaningful insights from data that comes from the real world and has real-world implications.”

Keynote speaker and Concordia Hanoi parent, Dr. Mattias Larsson, from Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, discussed methods for data collection and analysis and shared his findings from data collected between 1997-2021 on how the overuse of antibiotics has led to increased antimicrobial resistance. 

Students looked at a range of topics, from genome analysis to diabetes, divorce rates in Korea, COVID and unemployment, and even keyword searches in the Irish Times. 

“It was a very valuable experience, to be able to discuss my findings not only with my classmates but also with students from Shanghai, and to hear about their own research methodology and findings,” said Mirae (G11).

Dr. Peter Tong from Concordia Shanghai, who also helped set up Concordia Hanoi’s Big Data program, spoke about the importance of making the data “tell a story.” Dr. Tong referenced Concordia Hanoi alumnus Ryo Adachi, who presented three years ago on earthquake activity in Japan at a Watson Analytics conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and was considered among the best presenters at the conference. 

“Attending this year definitely gave me the motivation to enroll in Big Data next year and submit and present my own paper,” said Matilda (G11).

Concordia Hanoi and Concordia Shanghai students have previously presented Big Data papers at international conferences in Las Vegas, London, Honolulu, and Kuala Lumpur.