Concordia Hanoi Triumphs at ASAC Volleyball Tournament: Boys Win 1st, Girls Take 3rd, and Students Earn MVP Honors

Concordia International School Hanoi competed in the Middle School boys and girls ASAC volleyball tournament in Jakarta, Indonesia. Out of the 10 teams that competed, our girls' team placed 3rd while our boys' team placed 1st! Additionally, two of our students received the highest honor: MVP awards. Not only were they the MVPs of their respective teams, but these athletes were also chosen as the MVPs of the entire tournament. This event brought together talented young athletes from across the region, competing fiercely in a display of skill, teamwork and sportsmanship. 

Beyond the medals and titles, this tournament was an invaluable experience for our students. It provided them with the opportunity to engage in international competition, forge new friendships, and develop a deeper appreciation for the sport. The memories and lessons learned from this event will undoubtedly inspire and motivate our students in their future athletic endeavors.

We are immensely proud of our students, coaches, parents and the entire support team who contributed to this success. Their dedication and hard work exemplify the spirit of Concordia International School Hanoi. We look forward to continuing our tradition of excellence and achieving even greater heights in future international competitions.

Concordia middle school boys and girls winning ASAC volleyball tournament

"One of my favorite parts of the tournament was seeing the parents who came to support us and cheer us on. They were on their feet, jumping up and down, and they even made little Concordia flags! They smiled and got so excited with every point we scored. It was amazing to see the girls fight so hard for a medal. I don't think our middle school girls have ever won an ASAC medal before, so watching them achieve this goal was pretty cool. Despite being disappointed about losing in the semi-finals, they came back and fought for a 3rd place medal. And the cherry on top was YeEun winning MVP of the tournament for the girls. Seeing someone who has worked so hard to improve, lead, and stay determined be recognized by other schools for her efforts was awesome!" - Mrs. Andrea Goodrich, Coach

“I feel like I got MVP because of my teammates. They helped me improve and their energy was crucial in bringing us to 3rd place.” - YeEun (G8, MVP of the tournament) 

“As a setter, I run the most and do a lot behind the scenes, but setters often don't get as much recognition as the hitters. I was very happy when all the coaches nominated me as MVP in the finals. After losing the first set, I thought we were going to lose, but we maintained a winning mentality and came through." - Minkang  (G8, MVP of the tournament)

"I think my favorite part of the tournament was the buzzing energy on the bus ride after we won everything. The pure excitement and happiness, with everyone celebrating each other's little victories, really showed how the team came together to celebrate as one." - Mr. Owen Macfarlane, Coach 

Concordia middle school boys volleyball team winning ASAC

“I am so proud of the boys and girls of Concordia MS for their great achievement at the Jakarta ASAC tournament. It must have been a great deal of experience for them to travel abroad to represent Concordia Hanoi and bring back medals. Special congratulations to MS boys volleyball team for their remarkable 1st place win at the ASAC tournament.” - Mrs. Jang

“My favorite part was team bonding and cheering on our team and other teams as well. Making friends from other schools was a lot of fun. It was great to play against teams that were better than us, as it gave us a variety of competition. Meeting people from other teams and forming those bonds was really nice." - Kaylee (G8) 

“Last year, I barely made it to the competitive volleyball team. This year, I made the team as a starter and saw tremendous growth in my skills. I could never have achieved this before. I'm really proud of everyone who contributed along the way and every ASAC member. My highlight was hitting the final service ace.” - Yi (G8)

Concordia middle school girls volleyball team winning ASAC

"It was really fun to have team bonding time and get to know my teammates much better, cheering each other on, including the boys' team. We were able to have fun while also improving our skills and functioning better as a team.” Natalie (G8)

“I’m happy that I could be on the trip with my daughter and I was able to travel with her.” - Mrs. Nguyen

“My favorite part of the weekend was seeing the students play with passion and support each other, as well as showing respect towards both teammates and opponents. It made me happy to see our students representing our school with sportsmanship and winning." - Mr. Huy Dang, Coach

Concordia volleyball team greeted at airport

“I really liked how all the teams interacted with and supported each other, even though we were competing against one another.” - Hailey (G8)

"This is my first year playing volleyball. I initially joined the volleyball circle game without much thought, just wanting to experience it. I started on the festival team and then progressed to the ASAC team. My highlight was when I hit my first spike because I never imagined I would get the chance to play as an outside hitter.” - Gia Hung (G7)

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