Concordia Hanoi Administrators Build Partnerships with Key Korean Universities

Concordia Hanoi High School Principal Dr. Ian Sutherland and Director of Counseling Ben Compton recently concluded a university trip to South Korea. 

The visit provided them with a private audience with the deans and directors of admissions at 8 of the most highly regarded academic institutions in Korea. These include Seoul National, Korea University, Yonsei University, KAIST, Sungkyunkwan, Sogang University, Hanyang, Chung Ang, Ewha, Catholic University Medical School.  

“It was helpful to learn insights from “the Big 8” about the application process - some of which we are allowed to share, and some of which we cannot,” said Mr. Compton.

One of the changes in the application for next year includes a mandate from the Korean Ministry of Education which disallows personal statements or letters of reference. The SAT is also no longer highly valued for admission to Korean higher education institutions.

Building partnerships

Concordia is very familiar with the university admissions process and has helped graduates gain acceptances into Seoul National, Korea University, Yonsei University, Sungkyunkwan, Sogang University, Hanyang, Chung Ang (sp), and Ewha. 

“As is readily apparent by Concordia’s incredibly strong track record of Korean university admissions success, we know how to help Korean students gain admission to the most prestigious Korean universities,” said Dr. Sutherland. 

“It was important for us to meet, interact with and hear presentations from the deans and directors of admissions from these universities,” said Mr. Compton. 

“This is the second such trip I’ve made to visit Korean universities in the last five years,” Mr. Compton added. “We will continue to have periodic counselor visits to Korea to maintain the relationships and the lines of communications about the ever changing landscape of Korean admissions.” 

Representatives from Chung Ang and Sungkyunkwan universities visited Concordia Hanoi immediately after Concordia’s visit. 

“Concordia planned, led and organized this trip, and brought counselors from other highly renowned international schools in the region considered academically excellent, and of similar academic background to Concordia,” Mr Compton added. 

Korean Alumni Association

During the trip, Dr. Sutherland and Mr. Compton also met Concordia’s Korean Alumni Association. 

“It was wonderful to get Korean alumni together and to hear that Concordia alumni are performing so well in their universities. This important organization is an extension of the strong value that Concordia places on the community,” said Dr. Sutherland. 

The Concordia Korean Alumni Association has regular get togethers once a semester that are funded by Concordia Hanoi. Concordia Hanoi 2020 graduate Gracie Byun is the representative. 

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