Concordia Grade 8 Students Learn about Careers

Concordia grade 8 students had the opportunity to investigate various careers on 8th Grade Career Day.  

Prior to Career Day, students completed two distinct interest surveys to learn more about their interests, personality and strengths. They chose careers that aligned with their interests, researched about the career and presented their research. 

Students were able to learn from eight professionals who represented eight different fields of interest. We appreciate our eight amazing professionals who shared about their own careers on our Career Day.

9 guest speakers

Engineer-Concordia parent, Mr. Kester Scandrett, DSI
Diplomat/Government Concordia parent, Mr. John Hurley, US Gov
Fashion/Art Concordia parent, Mr. Nguyen Le Vu Linh, CEO of Ivy Moda
NGO Guest, Concordia guest, Mr. Stanley Jones, REACH 
Health Science Concordia parent, Mr. Eric Dzuiban, CDC
Sports, Concordia parent, Mr. Fla Souza, Brazilian Football Club
Hospitality, Concordia guest, Ms. Ali Waugh, Eastern Oriental 
Education, Concordia Elementary School Vice Principal, Ms. Kathy Faulkner, Concordia International School Hanoi.

“The more students are exposed to career options, the more we open them to a world of possibilities for their futures. What a joy to see our students engage with and be challenged by our visiting professionals. It was a great day!” said Middle School Counselor, Mrs. Bloemberg.

a guest speaker and the students

The Bolt asked students what career they were thinking about before Career Day and after they had heard our guests to share their own career paths:

Before: Sports Agent
After: Athlete specifically volleyball or soccer 

Anna - At first, my career path is Marketing Manager. However, after today, I’m thinking about doing fashion or being a diplomat.

Minh Hanh
Before: Business Development Director
After: Hospitality/ Engineering/ Architect

a guest speaker and the students

Before: Business Owner/ Conglomerate Owner
After: Conglomerate Owner

Thai Co: before: quantitative analyst
After same: I want to rank up and make more important decisions

Before: athletics trainer/pro athlete/ educator
After: educator/hospitality/athletic trainer/pro athlete

a guest speaker and the students

Before: Aerospace engineer 
After: something related to sports and coaching

Jun: before I didn’t have any interest in education. However, now I think I have some interest in teaching students.

Before: Elementary school teacher
After: something related to engineering or education.

a guest speaker and the students

The goal of Career Day is to increase exposure to various careers to help our grade 8 students be better prepared for their Concordia high school experience. Students must begin to explore various Concordia High School Course options and opportunities that align with long-term interests and strengths in preparation for their university studies.

To learn more about Concordia’s opportunities for learning, please visit the Concordia website.

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