Concordia Grade 5 TV Journalists Teach Students the News

Concordia Grade 5 students had the opportunity to join a special after school activity (ASA) - the Grade 5 News Team. Yet unlike other ASAs, interested students needed to fill out a job application and audition in order to join.

Selected students participated in a twelve-week program, researching and writing news stories and filming news segments, which were broadcast on the Building A TV screen. 

Student journalists shared why they joined the new team, what they learned, and whether they might like to pursue broadcast journalism as a career. 

Jun “I decided to participate in the news team because I really love finding and making a news script. I also thought that it would be perfect for me to report a lot of soccer results. I learned that it is really difficult to record the video. I always make bloopers in each script, and It is really difficult to record perfectly for a show. I really like teaching people what is going around the world (I am in the world news segment). I am interested in a journalism job because I think it is a good choice for me to be a soccer reporter.”

“I decided to join the News Team because my mom works for the National Television Station and I thought it would be cool to have similar jobs as her. so I auditioned for the News Team.
My job as a news team member is to write about tourist attractions from countries. For every country I have done, I've always saved the scripts and even researched more in case I or someone ever goes to that country. Although being a News team member is very challenging - you have to make a script and then record it on top of the other homework - it is very cool and enjoyable because you get to be on screen and inform people about fascinating facts. When I researched pineapple buns in Hong Kong, I was shocked to learn that pineapple buns have no pineapple or pineapple flavoring in them, they just had a pineapple skin texture.” - Hoang Minh

“Making the news team was very surprising and exciting to me. I like to perform or talk in front of the camera, and improve my writing skills. I was surprised how much our script skills improved. My partner and I spent a few days finishing only 1 episode of the first show. Now, we can finish them in 1 hour. The news team encouraged me to research more about my topic even after our news episode ended. My partner and I did a language of the week, and we learned languages that I didn't know existed. We searched for more words of that language even though the episode for that language ended.” - Onyu  


“I decided to join the News Team because when I saw it in the ASA list I thought it would be very fun and interesting to participate. I think I made the right choice. I definitely learned a lot of fun facts because I was one of the fun facts hosts. I learned that the stickers on fruits were edible and mushrooms couldn't be overcooked. I want to learn more fun facts and jokes to use on people to surprise them. I am interested in journalism for my future job because I like to interview people and film the news or famous scenes on my camera. Also, I loved seeing all the news filmers.” - Yechan  

“I decided to join the news team because my mom told me I would be great and I agreed. 
The most surprising thing I learned from the news team was that mushrooms couldn't be overcooked. I love being in front of the camera teaching people surprising facts that can help with their education. I love making books and I might want to be a journalist in the future.” - Ian

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