Concordia Grade 5 Students Bond With Nature in Ba Vi

Concordia’s grade 5 students took a learning trip overnight to Ba Vi - where they got to catch fish and chickens, learn about animals, farming and nature, watch Muong ethnic singing and dancing and discover the culture of Vietnam. 

The trip was a chance for students to get out of their comfort zone and try new things, learn community building and collaboration skills and develop endurance - all of which will help prepare them for middle school next year. 


Grade 5 students shared their thoughts about the trip: 

“Normally we have online distractions like tik tok, but in Ba Vi we had no devices or smart phones. So I felt like we had a great time in nature. And we had a lot of good Vietnamese food,” said Haewan.

"My favorite part was seeing the traditional dancing of the Muong people, and making our own tea,” said Tue Lam

“We got to pick our own tea leaves, make tea and drink it.Also we got to catch fish and chickens,” said Kim.

"My favorite part was catching the fish. I was surprised to learn ostriches live in Bav,, and also by the way the Muong people sang and danced,” said Duc Long. 

“Catching the chickens was my favorite part. I could pet their heads and carry them around and make a mini airplane. The chickens were pretty friendly - and funny too. When you bounced them their heads would stay in one spot. I wish humans could do that,” said Otto.  

“My favorite part was singing karaoke and making s’mores,” said Yeji.

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