Concordia Grade 4 Field Trip to Soc Son

#ConcordiaHanoi Grade 4 recently took a field trip to nearby Soc Son. Students shared a few of their reflections on the trip:

“I learned I am more scared of bees than I thought, but I overcame my fear of rocks and bees,” said Tam. 

“It was the best because we have not had a field trip in a long time, and I really enjoyed the hike,” said James. 

“I learned there are many different layers of rocks and soil,” said Yunje, adding, “I saw so many bees - one of them landed on my lunch!” 

“I loved hiking,” said Jack. 

“I learned that bees are actually scared of us,” said Shih Min.

“I was surprised to learn that sometimes you have to fight for something to get a happy ending,” said Y.

I learned that erosion happens everywhere,” said Ngoc. 

“I liked hiking because it challenged me, and I learned that kindness can help others by helping them,” said Jiwoo.

“Even though I’d been there before, I hadn’t noticed the erosion and weathering,” said Yeon Woo, adding, “I was ravenous after the hike, so I liked eating lunch.”

“I loved the sandwiches,” said Jiwon. 

“I learned that you should stay still when bees are near,” said Mina. 

“Not all bees have stingers,” said Ezra.

“Bees like lunches,” said Sejun. 

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