Concordia Grade 3 Students Pitch Ideas to Head of School

Concordia's grade three students did something mighty this week. As part of their "Change the World" writing workshop unit, students wrote persuasive essays and prepared to deliver them as speeches. While many students chose to focus on global, environmental, or personal issues, some students picked ideas that can make our Concordia community a better place. Some courageous students even chose to share their thoughts with our Head of School, Dr. Grove. 

“I think Concordia should consider building a college. I thought, instead of just doing all the work writing about it, I could talk to the Head of School about my idea,” said Cole (G3). “The teachers asked the class if anyone else also wanted to share their ideas with the Head of School, and a group of us agreed.” 

“My suggestion was to keep building more facilities so more students can learn here. Sometimes I get stage fright when I’m speaking in front of other people, but I wasn’t nervous because I went with my friends,” said Binh An (G3).

“I suggested we should have class pets, like turtles, chicks or hamsters. They would make a great addition to Concordia because it would improve our creativity and make us more responsible,” said Bibi (G3), adding, “I felt a little nervous presenting to Dr. Grove, but also very excited. Two of my friends also helped me with my writing.” 

I suggested we should have more STEM, particularly coding, because it is educational and coding makes your brain smarter, said Jiwon (G3). “I’m proud of myself, because I first thought ‘this is so scary, but I want to do it.’ And when I did the presentation it was ok, because this is what I really think.  

Improving campus facilities, having class pets, doing more coding and building a Concordia university are just some of the thoughtful ideas that students shared. Most importantly, the students gained valuable experience in developing persuasive arguments and bravely and boldly sharing their ideas.

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