Concordia Environmental Science Students Meet GIZ Energy Experts

Concordia Hanoi high school students in AP Environmental Science and middle school environmental students got the chance to meet an expert in energy, Mr. Markus Bissel, with GIZ, the German aid organization. 

Students learned about energy efficiency and what makes a building “efficient” while touring the Concordia campus to see some of our energy efficiency criteria, such as lighting, wastewater treatment and solar heating.

Read what students learned:

“Concordia automatically recycles water and the process takes around 5-7 hours. The water is well-filtered so you can drink water from basically any tap,” said Chau (G12).

“I learned about how almost all of our water is treated.  I learned the usage of the treated wastewater, and I learned about how our school gets hot water from solar panels,” said Minh (G7).

“I learned that we save 30-50% of electricity each year by using the motion sensors to shut off the lights every 1-10 minutes when no one is around,” said Nata (G11). 

“The water from the toilets gets filtered so we can water plants with it,” said Tung (G6).

“I didn’t know that this school puts so much effort into water and light treatment,” said Mason (G6).

“Aircon in the school is more complex than I thought,” said Ben (G8).

“I learned about the process of filtering water and the usage of water inside our school. It was interesting to hear that the water in the sinks is the same filtered water with fountain water,” said Vivian (G8). 

“Wastewater from the water fountains, toilets and sinks doesn’t go to waste, but instead is repurposed to water campus plants,” said Luna (G8).

Concordia is a member of the Small Energy Efficiency Group (SEEG) led by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) and GIZ, and works with the program to help educate students about energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. 

Read more about #ConcordiaHanoi’s sustainability initiatives here.

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