Concordia Class of 2024 Students Matriculate to Top Tier Universities

Concordia’s Class of 2024 has seen an unprecedented number of students gain admittance to top tier universities - both in the U.S. and around the world. 

This year’s list includes students who will attend Yale, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania - Wharton Business School, Cornell, Claremont McKenna, University of California - Berkeley, and Northwestern in the United States. International universities include such prestigious institutions as KAIST (Korea), Tsukuba (Japan), University of Sydney (Australia), and University College Cork (Ireland). 

“I am extremely happy to see the class of 2024 experience such wonderful success in the college admissions process this year. Students have been admitted to outstanding programs at excellent universities in their respective areas of academic interest. In our international community, this success has included admission to a broad range of academic disciplines in eight different countries around the world. Many students have been admitted to their first choice university, including some of the most selective universities in the United States, the U.K., Australia, Korea, and Japan. The wide range of intellectual interests, majors, and careers reflects the intellectually curious nature of the class of 2024. Next year our students will pursue a diverse range of fields including: Medicine, Sociology, Linguistics, Economics, Art History, Human Ecology, Environmental Studies, Biology, Business, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, Dentistry, Data Science, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Psychology,” said Concordia’s Director of Counseling Mr. Ben Compton.

How did Concordia help students reach these elite universities?

“Forming close bonds with the teachers really helped me. I was able to seek them out when I needed some guidance, building those relationships really helped me in the application process. The variety of courses and clubs the school offers really helped me get to decide where I wanted to go college and what major I wanted to choose.  I then could use those resources to make my application look much stronger. I also had the opportunity to be involved in many service projects, which I think also really enhanced my application." - Isabella, University of Pennsylvania

Concordia class of 2024 going to UPenn

“Concordia Hanoi has helped me get into Stanford University through giving me the opportunity to study with many amazing teachers in many different AP courses, as well as offering me counseling opportunities. My counselor has been with me through the ups and downs of my college application experience. The college bootcamp in the beginning of September that I had the opportunity to participate in with Anne Sjostrom, Associate Dean of Admissions from Duke University, helped me a lot with understanding the application process and what I need to do to prepare myself in regards to the approaching deadlines. I also got to listen to a lot of tips and advice from Ms. Sjostrom herself on what a strong application would look like. I am very grateful for this opportunity. “ - Quynh Anh, Stanford

Concordia class of 2024 going to Stanford University

“Concordia provides a detailed plan that engages counselors to each and every student’s aspirations and goals for college. This helps us feel in-control at all times throughout the application process. I feel that our decisions regarding selecting classes, choosing activities, writing essays, etc. are always well-informed and logically chosen after thorough discussions with supportive teachers and counselors.” - Anh Minh, Yale

Concordia class of 2024 going to Yale

“Concordia has helped me prepare for college because of its vigorous yet fulfilling workload. I believe through all the challenges I experienced in this school, I will be well prepared for what is ahead of me in college.” - Quang-Anh, University of Sydney

“Moving to Concordia, I faced many challenges in the college admissions process. However, with the help of my counselor and my classmates, I was able to navigate through these difficulties. Their encouragement and guidance made a significant difference, and I'm very thankful for being a part of such a supportive and uplifting community.” - Vi, Davidson

Concordia class of 2024 attending Davidson

“Concordia helped me with the process of collecting all the necessary documents for applying to KAIST. KAIST is renowned for their very challenging math classes.  I took a lot of advanced math classes, and I had great support from my math mentors in middle and high school. This helped me feel confident to apply to KAIST. I feel I will thrive in that environment even among such a remarkable pool of students. I also took full advantage of the science courses here. I took most of Concordia's STEM classes, which helped me get academically prepared for what I will face in college in Korea.” - Jinseo, (KAIST)

Concordia class of 2024 going to KAIST

Concordia students from our eight graduating classes have been accepted to such prestigious universities as Princeton, Yale, Dartmouth, Duke, Brown, Johns Hopkins, University of Pennsylvania - Wharton Business School, Amherst, Cornell, Columbia, Duke, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UCLA and USC, as well as prestigious International institutions as Seoul National University (Korea), Yonsei University (Korea), Waseda University (Japan), Concordia  University, (Canada) and Hong  Hong Kong Institute of of Science and Technology. 

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