Concordia Basketball Teams Travel to Cambodia, Take Second in Tournament

Concordia’s middle school boys and girls basketball teams recently traveled to Cambodia to compete in the ASAC regional basketball tournament, becoming the first ever Concordia teams to play overseas! 

Concordia’s athletes represented us well - and the boys came in second overall in the tournament!

basketball team girls and boys together

The Bolt spoke with Concordia Thunder players about their experience at ASAC:

Sam (G8), 
“For me personally, I loved ASAC so much and I hope Concordia will have more of these activities. Not only did we all just play sports we also made new friends and new connections to other people that aren't just from our school but from other schools as well. When we arrived back in Hanoi I felt that my teammates and I all knew each other very well and that we made stronger connections with each other.”

Jimin (G8)
“I think ASAC was a great experience for me to learn not only about basketball but also about my teammates. It helped me identify the strengths and weaknesses of our team so that we could become successful and it helped me bond with my teammates.”

basketball team boys hold the cup

Thai (G8) 
“ASAC wasn't just a basketball tournament, it was an experience that brought out our team spirit. Going on a trip together really brought our spirit up and we did pretty well in the tournament - we placed second. It was also an opportunity for us to learn from the experience of competing against others. We practiced our meeting skills against important and stressful moments and learned the discipline of being on a team and working together to succeed. It will help us in the future to learn how not to quit, be disciplined, and finish things as best as we can.” 

Natalie (G8)
“It was an amazing experience. I am so glad I had the opportunity to represent Concordia at ASAC. I learned a lot about my teammates, became closer to them and enjoyed spending time with them. I also was able to improve my skills, and meet other people outside of my own community. It was an experience to remember!”

basketball girl playing

Minh Do (G8)
“The experience in ASAC really helped the team; in general, we became closer and more comfortable with each other. We stayed together 24/7 and did mostly everything together. When we arrived back in Hanoi, I felt that the team became more connected, and that dramatically improved the team mentality and physical. Lastly, I felt that the team has a better bond, and I think this will help us further in the season and HAC tournament.”

Akari (G6)
“Because I was the only ASAC member from my grade, the pressure was really high. But when I went on the court, the 7th and 8th graders cheered me up, and also helped me out of a difficult situation. It was a great experience to travel to Cambodia, because I feel like I have more relationships with the 7th and 8th graders.” 

Minkang (G8)
“ASAC was an amazing experience for our team and for me in general because it allowed us to improve in basketball skills and also teamwork. The experience allowed us to have a stronger mentality in key situations, whether we were losing or winning. I think it was an amazing experience for our team to succeed.”

Kaylee (G8)
“I think that ASAC was so much fun for everyone on our team. We all learned so many skills, teamwork, and also we just came closer as an entire team. This was an experience I will never forget and it was a learning opportunity for all of us. I am so glad I got to go to ASAC.”

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