Concordia Art Students Find their Voice, Display Works at Concert and Art Show

Concordia art students are finding their voice and how it fits into their personal style, while learning to see, plan and respond in a studio environment. 

This year’s middle and high school Winter Concert and Art Exhibition showcases student art exploration in a range of mediums, including contemporary printmaking, design, realism, and observational contour line. 

Five featured student artists shared their thoughts about their work:

“The inspiration for this artwork is courage and Banksy’s work. AOC is well known enough for me to be aware of her activity as an activist, and you see her on social media and the threats she’s faced. Despite those difficulties she’s still gone ahead with her career, and stands for a lot of good things for the future. 

This piece is a stencil work, we cut out the stencil with different values, apply the stencil onto the canvas, and then spray paint over it. At first I got the color values mixed up, and the image wasn’t clear - but as I switched the values, the image came to life.” 
San (G10) - Stencil, AOC


“In this piece of artwork I tried to show my identity by drawing my home country and home city of Seoul, and I used a montage of elements which I think represent the visual world of Seoul. I also like skateboarding so I used skate imagery as well.” 
Haily (G7) - Pen and Ink Drawing

“We were in the value scale unit, and I learned a lot about the depths of gray and how dark or light gray can go. We used graphite, which is a good medium because it allows blending and shows both hardness and softness.”
Lan (G11) - Self Portrait in Pencil

“For this piece it was more about grasping and discovering the materials, the medium and the techniques than the concept. In the class, I really like how Mr. Green teaches.  He explains and gives demonstrations which helps me to know where I am and where I need to go as an artist. I’m interested in pursuing art, and he has been very helpful in guiding me on how to do that. 
Kara (G10) - Self Portrait in Pencil

“In this piece I was trying to achieve an understanding of perspectives and how different objects look different when they’re closer to you than when they’re further away. Mr. Green has set up specific spots for us to draw, and we had to figure out for ourselves the specific angles and perspectives on the still life we were to draw.”
Dai Thu (G10) - Still Life in Pencil

Concordia’s middle and high school Winter Concert and Art Exhibition will be held on Tuesday, December 13, and Wednesday, December 14, from 6:30-8:15 pm in the Black Box Theater.

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