Concordia adds new AP Offerings in 2021-22

Concordia continues to provide an impressive listing of AP courses available to qualifying students in grades 10 through 12. 

New this year are AP 2D Art and Design, and AP Drawing for Grades 11 and 12.

Concordia’s AP Art program covers not only technique but also conceptual art. Students prepare an AP Art portfolio to be used toward their university applications. This portfolio can also provide a visual arts credit toward a liberal arts degree.

“I am taking AP 2D Art and Design because I wanted to learn more about art deeply related to my intended major,” said Grace (G12). “I’ve been drawing for a long time and this time I decided to choose 2D Art and Design, because I wanted to try a different experience than usual.” 

“In this course, I hope to complete my AP portfolio, showing both concept and skills, and also learn more about myself as an emerging artist,” Grace added.

AP art teaches students to synthesize process, technique and concept in their art.

“Technique - that’s like the broth of a soup - the foundation. But how you style your art is the ‘ingredients’ - the conceptual side of your art,” said Mr. Green, who is developing and expanding Concordia’s secondary art program.

AP art allows students to find their own voice through their own mediums. Compared to IB, AP Art is more organic and holistic, and taps into the individual learner and the process of finding themselves through art. 

“I believe in the order, foundations and technique building the AP Art program provides, and I’ve seen it produce results,” Mr. Green added. 

Concordia’s AP Courses offered for the 2021-22 school year include: 

  •  AP 2D Art and Design
  •  AP Biology
  •  AP Calculus AB & BC
  •  AP Comparative Government & Politics
  •  AP Computer Science A
  •  AP Drawing
  •  AP English Literature and Composition
  •  AP Macroeconomics
  •  AP Microeconomics
  •  AP Physics 1
  •  AP Psychology
  •  AP Statistics
  •  AP World History: Modern

Concordia rotates AP Environmental Science & AP Chemistry, AP Biology & AP Physics, offering these sets of AP courses every other year, to allow students to take the full range of AP STEM courses, and also rotates AP Language and AP Literature. 

Advanced Placement (AP) is a United States program created by the College Board which offers university-level curricula and examinations to high school students. The program is widely recognized by US universities as well as universities throughout the world. Most US universities grant placement and course credit to students who score a three to five on the examinations.

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