Christmas Carnival & Fun Run

On Saturday, December 5th, Concordia hosted our third annual Christmas Carnival and Fun Run. It was wonderful to see so many students and parents participating in the carnival. There are many people to thank for all of their hard work and effort to make the day special.

Thank you to the middle and high school student clubs and their faculty leaders that created, organized, and ran special carnival games for kids to participate in. The money raised will go to a wide variety of service projects and activities which are secondary clubs and groups support throughout the community.

Thanks to all the outside vendors: JOMA, Chops, DragonCello, Thai Kitchen, Lang Co, Vietnamese Community, Korean Community, N Square, Word Play, Care for Children, Hanoi International Fellowship (HIF), and HIF Aftershock.

Thanks to all our parents who donated prizes and candy and worked at games and food booths. Special thanks to all of our parents that helped to paint and decorate the winter wonderland for the past few months; the special decorations added to the holiday spirit.

Thank you to the Concordia cross country team, Joma, and Mr. Sam Cook who put on another great fun run. A record number of participants ran this year. The fun run raised money for Care for Children, an organization that works in Vietnam to help the government place orphans and vulnerable children into local, loving families in their community (fostering and adoption).

Thanks to our wonderful cleaners, security, landscaping, and maintenance staff worked to make the event run smoothly.

And finally, thank you to our PSO for all of their hard work planning, organizing, and running the event. A special thank you goes to Jamie Edwards, Concordia’s PSO president, who was the driving force in making this a great experience for our community.