AP Offerings 2020-21

Concordia continues to provide an impressive listing of AP courses available to qualifying students in grades 10 through 12. The AP courses offered for the 2020-21 academic year include:

  • AP Language and Composition
  • AP World History
  • AP Economics 
  • AP Computer Science
  • AP Calculus (AB & BC)
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Environmental Science
  • AP Statistics
  • AP Comparative Government
  • AP Mandarin

“I want to study social science in university, so last year I took AP Economics and AP Psychology, and this year I’m taking AP Comparative Government and AP Statistics,” said Mana (G12). “AP courses are harder than regular courses, but you learn significant lessons that will be useful in college, so I’m glad I’ve taken AP.”

“I plan to study biochemistry in college. The way our teachers teach the AP classes is really helping us prepare for university,” said Linh (G11), who is taking AP Chemistry and AP Economics this year, and plants to take AP Biology, Physics, Literature, and Calculus next year. 

“The workload is greater in AP, so it’s the perfect practice for college. You learn more self-discipline, studying skills, and time management,” said Brianna (G10) and Elisabeth (G10), taking their first AP courses in Grade 10.

Concordia rotates AP Environmental Science & AP Chemistry, AP Biology & AP Physics, offering these sets of AP courses every other year, to allow students to take the full range of AP STEM courses, and also rotates AP Language and AP Literature. AP Mandarin is a new offering this year.

Advanced Placement (AP) is a United States program created by the College Board which offers university-level curricula and examinations to high school students. The program is widely recognized by US universities as well as universities throughout the world. Most US universities grant placement and course credit to students who score a three to five on the examinations.

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