AP Chemistry lab

Concordia AP Chemistry students conducted a lab entitled “Exploring Precipitation Reactions” to determine which combinations of ions would form insoluble precipitates.

students in lab-coats guided by a teacher

In this lab, students mix pairs of different ionic solutions, in all possible combinations, to determine which pairs will result in precipitate formation. Based upon their results, students infer what reactions have occurred, and write complete and net ionic equations for each reaction.

2 students in lab-coats

“After years without having labs, it was pure joy to have any experiments. I especially liked this lab because this was qualitative, instead of quantitative, which gave me excitement to observe any unexpected outcomes - like colorful precipitations in this experiment.” said Ami (G12)

“I did real experiments that previously I had only seen in textbooks. It really helped me to deeply understand chemistry, and I think it’s what makes AP Chemistry more diverse and fun,” said Chaerin (G11).

3 students in lab-coats

“In AP Chemistry we did a very exciting lab where we got to view how different substances create precipitates. It was really fun to watch whether it would change color or just stay the same and see how each substance would interact with one another,” said Isabella (G12).

“The titration lab required extreme precision and patience so that we could get accurate results. It taught me how to be very careful with everything that I do to get good results for my experiments,” said Duc (G11). 

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