AP Art Students Hang Concordia’s Inaugural Show

Concordia’s first Advanced Placement (AP) art class has displayed their work in advance of formal submission to the AP review board. Each student focused on a particular theme - ranging from loneliness and materialism and gender to body shaming - and explored styles and mediums through which to express their ideas. 

Grace (G12), who intends to study art at New York University, explained her work. “My work focuses on isolation based on personal experience. As a person with hearing impairment, I want to express the feeling of isolation but also the day I first heard my mother’s encouraging words.”

“One of my pieces is about the feeling of unstable emotions during lockdown. I used jenga blocks to portray this. To express emotions of isolation in another piece, I used charcoal for mood and the facial expression of solitude.”

“I also expressed the concept of hair cells to show the physiological difference between those with hearing impairment and those who hear normally. I wanted to represent my story and my journey and I think it has been successful.” 

Olivia (G12) used cubism to portray the senses. “The main style I used in this exhibition is cubism, because it gives an abstract but realistic mood, kind of contrasting two ideas,” said Olivia. My work focuses on the human senses. I used ears to show hearing the waves, nose to signify smelling the woods, hands to reflect touch; and I can use those features to express emotion.” 

“I like how each person’s work in the show gives a mood, and has a signature composition that conveys their own individual style.” 

Bella (G11) looked at cultural appropriation and the societal pressure on Asian women. “As a young, Asian woman living in Vietnam and being so intertwined with Western culture, I see so many things that make me mad as I view my culture being used in a commercialized way. For example, a lot of western brands use traditional Asian clothing that is meant to be very modest, but they make it very revealing - and that is disrespectful,” said Bella. 

In other works, Kris (G11) focused on gender and expression; Ngoc (G11) dealt with mental illness and stress among teens; Ha (G11) looked at identity and life changes; Brianna (G11) explored being a woman in society, and Emma (G12) tackled society’s unhealthy focus on materialism and appearance. 

Advanced Placement (AP) is a United States program created by the College Board which offers university-level curricula and examinations to high school students. The program is widely recognized by US universities as well as universities throughout the world. Most US universities grant placement and course credit to students who score a three to five on the examinations. Click HERE to learn more about our high school program today.

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