Ambassador Bui The Giang Visits Concordia AP Classes

Concordia was honored to welcome Ambassador Bui The Giang, former Vietnam Ambassador to the U.N. and Vice President and Deputy Director of the Vietnam USA Friendship Society, to speak with our AP Government and AP Economics classes. Ambassador Giang spoke about the role of the Communist Party and the Vietnamese Government in Vietnam, along with the country's political and economic vision. We spoke with some of the AP Government and AP Economics students and their teacher about their reactions to his visit. 

Concordia head of school with ambassador Giang

“I think that Ambassador Giang’s discussion on Vietnamese politics was very helpful and very engaging, as I have learned a lot about the political structures, different parties and committees that make up the bureaucracy. One of the highlights was when Ambassador Giang explained to us about the progress in environmental protection and poverty alleviation that the Vietnamese government has made. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to meet Ambassador Giang.” 
Quynh Anh (G12)

“I think his visit is a great opportunity for us to not only reflect but also see how our country - my country - Vietnam, can move forward in the next 10 years and 20 years time. He helped me see how much progress we've made, and also seeing the goals we’ve set and moving towards. The fact that he highlighted the two goals that we have in 2030 and 2045, regarding environmentalism and economic growth, seeing that Vietnam is competing with other international countries and we're working towards bigger goals in the future, is very amazing as a Vietnamese student.” 
Vy (G12)

Ambassador Giang speaking to students

"I found Ambassador Giang’s discussion with the AP Comparative Government and AP Economics classes enlightening and enriching. He took great care to address the questions and concerns that the students presented to him prior to his appearance at CISH. To see a high-ranking Communist Party member and influential public official show that type of interest in our students was very gratifying."
Kurt Lahey, AP Comparative Government and AP Economics teacher

“Ambassador Giang’s visit was great for our AP Economics class as we could see how the things we learned about in class were displayed in the real world and in the country we live in."
Tiras (G11)

Ambassador Giang

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