Admissions FAQs

When should my student apply?

We encourage all families seeking admission to apply and provide all required admission materials for immediate review. Families may apply at any time throughout the school year. Concordia’s rolling admissions policy allows students the opportunity for consideration during a current school year pending seat availability. Applications are given consideration on a first come, first served basis according to our seat availability. Please apply as early as possible for your child’s consideration. Applicants with a current sibling attending Concordia and children of Concordia International School Hanoi alumni, are given priority. Families hoping to secure enrollment prior to the upcoming school year are encouraged to submit all required admission materials and have their child assessed prior to March 1.

What does wait pool status mean?

A student receiving wait pool status has met all qualifications for admission to Concordia but a seat is not available in the grade to which the student has applied. Students receiving wait pool status are immediately notified when an opening becomes available.

Where are Concordia teachers from?

Most Concordia teachers are from the United States. We also hire teachers from Canada, Australia and other parts of the world. All our classroom teachers are native English speakers.

When does the school year begin and end?

Concordia’s school year typically starts in mid-August and ends in mid-June.

What are Concordia's school hours?

Preschool 4 through high school students study from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm.

Does Concordia offer an English as an Additional Language (EAL) program?

For students not yet fluent in English, Concordia offers our EAL program. Development of reading and writing proficiency for academic success, as well as oral and listening communication skills, form the basis of instruction within our EAL classes. All admission of students entering our EAL program will include a review cycle, where continuing at Concordia will be based on progress in English. We have limited spaces in our EAL program.

Does Concordia offer specialized learning support?

Concordia does not offer formal services for students with special learning needs or specific learning disabilities (i.e. significant limited intellectual ability, severe physical handicaps or pronounced social, emotional or behavioral difficulties). We ask families whose children have specialized schooling requirements to include educational evaluations/documentation of the needs and the reasons for the requirements for review prior to applying. Admission to Concordia is contingent upon a match between the student’s needs and the level of service available.

Will my child be required to take an entrance exam?

All candidates seeking admission to Concordia are assessed for English and ability in four areas: mathematics, reading, writing, and a formal interview. Please note, students seeking admission to Preschool 4, Reception and Grade 1 have individual language and ability assessments and the formal interview. Applicants seeking placement in grades 2-12 are administered the math and reading portions of the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP), provide a writing sample and the formal interview. The entrance exams support the Admissions Committee in determining the match between a particular student’s needs and potential and Concordia’s resources and capabilities. Students whose native language is not English will also take a language assessment. The assessment procedure is used to determine student placement and if any additional services are required to support the student’s success.

Do you administer other standardized tests at Concordia?

Yes. Students are administered standardized testing annually throughout the upper elementary grades, middle school, and high school.

What foreign languages are offered?

All students at Concordia are language learners.  Students in Reception enjoy language learning through learning phrases of the languages of their classmates. Beginning in grade 1, our EAL specialists meet the needs of students for whom English is as an additional language.  For students who are native English speakers and for those who do not require the services of our EAL program, Vietnamese is offered for foreign languages learners and Heritage Vietnamese is offered for native speakers. Beginning in grade 3, Mandarin is added as a foreign language offered.  Students in grade 6, have the opportunity to enroll in Spanish as a third language option.

Is there a uniform policy at Concordia?

All Concordia students are required to wear a Concordia uniform, which consists of a uniform top purchased from the school. Students in grade 4 to grade 12 are required to purchase a PE uniform. Please find our uniform policy.

Is there busing available?

Student busing is available from most areas of Hanoi. One-way pick up or drop off is also available. The bus fee includes transportation for students participating in After School Activities. For all transportation questions, please contact Mr. Vu.

What is the technology program at Concordia?

Concordia is committed to providing its students with the tools necessary for them to be competitive in the ever-changing job markets. We provide dedicated instruction and supervision to open new worlds of learning, active inquiry, and expression for our students. We are building a community where collaboration empowers differentiated learning. Concordia wants to inspire students and challenge them to see themselves as creators of ideas as we continue to enrich student learning and achievement using technology.

Technology Literacy, the ability to know how and when to use which technology to meet a need, is essential for success in modern society. Technology Literacy, in turn, is foundational for Information Literacy, which is knowing when and why you need information, where to find it, and how to evaluate, use, and communicate it in an ethical manner.

Technology & Information Literacy at Concordia is not a class, but a continuum of skills and training, integrated across the entire curriculum and developed through close collaboration among tech staff, teachers, and library and curriculum development staff.

Does Concordia offer a lunch program?

A hot lunch program is offered daily for all students for a fee. Additionally, microwaves are available for students who choose to bring a lunch from home.