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At Concordia, students, teachers, and parents are dedicated to academics, creativity, and service. Our school is a caring and engaging community of learners where students discover their talents as scholars, artists, and athletes.


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How Concordia Teaches Writing

Concordia converts learners into polished writers. While teaching writing in an international school setting comprised of many non-native English speakers presents challenges, Concordia’s English writing and literature teachers take the opportunity to teach the skills that make students more complete and competent writers. 

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AP Art Students Hang Concordia’s Inaugural Show

Concordia’s first Advanced Placement (AP) art class has displayed their work in advance of formal submission to the AP review board. Each student focused on a particular theme - ranging from loneliness and materialism and gender to body shaming - and explored styles and mediums through which to express their ideas. 

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Who Are Our Teachers?

Concordia currently employs 63 full time teachers, not including instructional assistants, school leaders and staff. Among our 63 teachers, 73% are from North America.

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Concordia Hosts Third Annual CIRCH Conference

The third annual Concordia International Research Conference Hanoi (CIRCH) conference took place on April 2, at which students presented papers and abstracts on their research findings, sharing first-hand analysis of data or experiments. 

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