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Welcome to Concordia International School Hanoi

Choosing the right international school can be an overwhelming task! We understand that, as a parent, you only want the best for your child—the best chance for opportunities, extra curriculars, space to learn, and of course, the best education that will help set them up for a successful future!

While a strong focus of ours is on the curriculum we teach, Concordia parents enjoy the fact that we concentrate on offering a tight-knit community with plenty of opportunities for interaction and connection outside of the classroom too!

Our Core Values & World-Class U.S Curriculum

Our qualified, passionate educators teach a U.S. based curriculum which has led to our graduates being consistently accepted into some of the top U.S. universities like Yale, Princeton, Brown, Johns Hopkins, and so many others!

While the U.S. curriculum drives what we do, we want your child to become empathetic, understanding, and a compassionate citizen that leaves Concordia with a strengthened world-view and focus on community. This is why we emphasize, and lead by example, using our Core Values

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More About Our U.S. Based Curriculum

Fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), The National Lutheran School Accreditation Commission (NLSA), and as a member of East Asia Regional Conference of Overseas Schools (EARCOS), we are proud to offer a U.S. based curriculum in English.

Following the U.S. Based curriculum, our instruction and assessments meet the Common Core State Standards for Language Arts and Mathematics, Next Generation Science Standards for Science, and the American Education Reaches Out (AERO) Standards for Social Studies.

From preschool to highschool, educating the “whole child'' is at the heart of Concordia’s learning philosophy and curriculum. We want your child to be safe, healthy, engaged, supported, and challenged at every stage of their education.

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Preschool & Elementary Programs

Early childhood is a time of discovery and joy! Your child will learn to discover the world in a caring and creative community. We work to foster their independence and curiosity that will continue throughout the rest of their education.

Your child will be continuously challenged to think critically, better themselves, and advance their learning each day. We honor the learning process, not just the learning product.

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Middle School Program

Middle school is an exciting time of change and development! Your child’s journey is unique and deserves to be treated as such, which is why our team meets them where they are in their own personal development and works with them to maximize their potential.

Learn more about our Middle School Program here.

High School Program

We believe that education is not preparation for life, but a way of life. In High School, your child will move beyond simulations to work on real-world problems in the classroom. We encourage them to not only study, but also contribute knowledge to their discipline of interest to set them up for future success!

Concordia's 2022 seniors have been accepted to some of the top universities in the U.S., like Johns Hopkins, Amherst, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, Northwestern and Vanderbilt! 88% of our 2022 graduates reached top 50 universities in the U.S.!

View our 2022-2023 High School profile here.

“While a strong focus of ours is on the curriculum we teach, Concordia parents enjoy the fact that we concentrate on offering a tight-knit community with plenty of opportunities for interaction and connection outside of the classroom too!” View our Head of School’s Welcome here!

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The Thunder Bolt

Learn more about our qualified teachers, high school student acceptances, and so much more by exploring the Thunder Bolt news updates!

From Kanji to Kendo: Concordia Middle School Students learn Japanese Language and Culture

Concordia’s middle school has introduced a Japanese elective course for the 2022-2023 school year. The goals of the class are to help speakers with no Japanese background acquire some basic vocabulary and communication patterns they can use to engage with a Japanese member of our Concordia community, and to gradually introduce cultural elements. Three students and the teacher shared insights on the course - and its impact on the community. 

  • MS
Why Concordia Grade 5 Students Excel in Math?

Concordia is known for its strong math program, and students at all levels regularly score much higher than the global standard for their grade. 

The Bolt spoke with four Grade 5 students and their teacher to find out why. 

  • ES
Concordia Student Develops “Comfort Plushy”

Have you ever wished you could communicate with a friend in a faraway place simply by squeezing a plush toy? Well that is precisely the Internet of Things device and application one Concordia student designed in her STEAM Lab 2 class to stay in touch with her friend back home.

  • HS
Concordia Grade 5 Students Bond With Nature in Ba Vi

Concordia’s grade 5 students took a learning trip overnight to Ba Vi - where they got to catch fish and chickens, learn about animals, farming and nature, watch Muong ethnic singing and dancing and discover the culture of Vietnam. 

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