Rizza Wood

Rizza Wood

Grade 1

Maria Rizza Wood was born and raised in the Philippines and earned her Bachelor's in Education degree from Centro Escolar University in Manila and a Masters degree from the State University of New York. She has lived in Hanoi since April 2010 and previously taught in one of the international kindergartens.

Mrs. Wood has been teaching for the past 17 years and gained her early teaching experiences in Manila at two of the top exclusive girls-only and boys-only schools as a librarian and as Multi- Media Teacher. Her first international school experience was in Bangkok 13 years ago and from then on she has had the privilege of gaining more knowledge about different types of curriculum and worked with various teaching methodologies. She tries integrating these ideas into her teaching to create a diverse classroom atmosphere.

Mrs. Wood met and married her husband Paul, an Executive Chef at one of the international hotels in Hanoi; in Bangkok and together have lived in 10 different cities over the past 16 years.

Mrs. Wood shares, “I am a very family oriented person. I try to go home and spend time with my family every chance I get. Other than family focused time, I also enjoy reading, watching movies, dancing, discovering new things and an occasional fishing trip with my husband during my free time.

I am excited to be part of the Concordia family. I look forward to knowing each of the children in my class and building a fun, healthy, secure and informative year with them.”




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