Neil Whitehead

Neil Whitehead

Secondary Math & Science

High school Math and Physics teacher Neil Whitehead has been teaching for 26 years.  Mr. Whitehead holds a Master’s Degree in International Teaching from Framingham State University, in Framingham, MA (USA), along with Bachelor’s degrees in Math from University of Wisconsin - Madison, in Madison, WI (USA); Spanish, from Carthage College in Kenosha, WI, (USA), and Physics, from Montana State University in Bozeman, MT (USA).

Following his dramatic turnaround of American School Foundation of Monterrey, Mexico in the high school Math department, which went from very low scores to a globally-recognized program in his very first year with the school, Mr. Whitehead was invited to Washington D.C., to coach the US State Department’s Math team. This team was comprised of the top four elite Math students, selected from State Department-recognized schools around the world.  Mr. Whitehead prepared and coached the students to compete in a competition called Math Counts against the top four Math students from from each US state.

Mr. Whitehead also taught high school Math and Physics at Concordia Shanghai for 11 years, followed by Korea International School in Seoul before joining Concordia International School Hanoi in 2015.

“The people are what make Concordia. We have great students, professional colleagues and a welcoming community. We have a world class facility,” said Mr. Whitehead, adding, “We now run a successful Math club and Science club that involves about half of the high school.”

Mr. Whitehead has also helped start three high schools, has presented at several Math workshops and has given professional academic presentations in Seoul on ‘Best Practices of Use of Technology in the Classroom’ and ‘Best Practices with the TI Nspire Calculator’.

A passionate mathematician, Mr. Whitehead has also led many community service opportunities during the course of his career, and, together with his wife, Rosy, has raised money to build three libraries in the suburbs of Shanghai for underprivileged students.

A native of Wisconsin, USA, Mr. Whitehead’s career has also taken him to St. Joseph International School (Wisconsin) and Guamani Private School (Puerto Rico).

Outside of the classroom, Mr. Whitehead enjoys playing ultimate frisbee.




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