Merrian Mills

Merrian Mills

Middle School

Merrian Mills enters her 13th year teaching and holds a Master’s Degree in Education: Curriculum and Instruction with a Speciality in Educational Technology from California State University Bakersfield in California, USA.

Mrs. Mills is also currently working toward her Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.), in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment from Walden University.

“What I like best about teaching at Concordia are my amazing, fantastic, wonderful, brilliant and hilarious students of Grade 2B! I joined Concordia in August 2016, and I have loved every single day as a part of the Concordia family,” adding, “Mike and I are very excited that our middle-child is heading off to college after graduating as part of Concordia’s very first graduating class.”

Mrs. Mills has published in her field, including “Educational Technologies in Developing Nations: Barriers & Possibilities” through California State University Press.

“I am very excited about the research I am conducting for my doctoral project study. I am studying the need for reformation in American international schools’ elementary social studies programs, to reflect current global issues and the local culture of the communities they serve, as opposed to following a U.S.-centric curriculum. Though the process of earning a doctorate degree has been exhausting, (and I still have a few years ahead of me), I find the work to be rewarding and the effort worthwhile.”

Prior to joining Concordia, Mrs. Mills has taught at the university level as Associate Faculty, College of Education at Ashford University in San Diego, CA, where she continues to contribute to the online program, and has taught at elementary and international schools both at home, in San Jose and Monterey, California, where she also has experience teaching Special Education, and abroad, in St. Lucia, Cyprus and, most recently, Cairo, Egypt.

Mrs. Mills hobbies include yoga, reading, walking her dogs, and spending time with her family.  




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