Margie De Villiers

Margie De Villiers

School Librarian

Concordia school Librarian Margie de Villiers has run and managed school libraries for 20 years.  Ms. de Villiers holds a Master’s Degree in Library Science from the University of South Africa in Pretoria, South Africa, along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science/Social work from Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa.

During the course of her career, Ms. de Villiers has developed and created programs for six libraries - from designing the space and furniture to developing the collection.

Ms. de Villiers has also developed libraries in rural schools and in hospitals, as well as created and built a prison library and trained the inmates to run it.  

Dedicated to cultural preservation, she has run fundraising events at schools to renovate heritage sites, and recently presented on “Academic Honesty” at the Vietnam Librarian Conference.

“I love the bright and shining faces of all the students at Concordia. The colleagues are so supportive and all of us work towards a common goal of doing our best for the students each and every day. I appreciate the support and understanding of senior administration and the parents who work very hard with us to make this a great school.”

“Concordia School is a very special place, and working alongside IT expertise and teaching masters is allowing me to reach my full potential. My many years teaching internationally, in  such diverse schools, can only be a benefit to my approach to education.”

A native of South Africa, Ms. de Villiers has run school libraries in Johannesburg, Shanghai and the British Virgin Islands before joining Concordia last year to open and manage the library in our new Van Tri facility.

At Concordia, she has worked hard to add local cultural insights to the library, bolster the core curriculum through reading and complement the English offerings with reading selections from the many native languages represented at Concordia, including books in Swedish, German, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese, along with many others.  

Ms. de Villiers hobbies include reading, travel, writing, cycling, designing new programs and volunteering, creative crafts and learning IT.




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