Jessica Liu 1

Liu Jin Hua


Mandarin teacher Liu Jinhua (“Jessica”) has been teaching for six years and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Economics and Trade from the University of HoHai in Nanjing, China.

Ms. Liu also holds several teaching certificates, including Advanced English from the Cambridge Institute of Singapore; Certificate of Pedagogic and Educational Psychology from the Beijing Education Bureau, China; and Teacher Qualification Certificate from the Beijing Education Bureau of China.

“I really love to work at Concordia because the great community makes everyone feel included and that helps everyone benefit from understanding experiences and cultures that may be different from their own. Teachers show more understanding and care towards others, and we feel comfortable and well supported in our work here. I also love working with students and will continue to strive to be a positive influence in their lives.”

Ms. Liu worked at Singapore International School in Saigon prior to joining Concordia in August, 2013.  

In her spare time, Ms. Liu enjoys reading, cooking, traveling and watching dramas.




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