Ken Fowler

CFO, Hong Kong International School

Ken Fowler has been the Chief Financial Officer for the Hong Kong International School since early 2007. He and his wife Sandy moved to Hong Kong from Miami in early 2000, although both had lived in Hong Kong during the ‘90s as well. Ken has two adult children living in the United States and an 8-year old (3rd grade) daughter, Alina, in Hong Kong. Ken and his family worship at the Church of All Nations in Hong Kong.

Ken is originally from Kansas City, Kansas, but has also lived in Mississippi, Hawaii, Texas, Tennessee, Missouri and Florida. He holds an MBA from Vanderbilt University and a BA from the University of Mississippi. He has worked with Ernst & Young, Price Waterhouse, SkyTel Communications, Chinadotcom and Corgi Toys.

Ken is an avid runner and also enjoys tennis, rock climbing and skiing.




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