Julien Mabika 2

Julien Mabika

Secondary Math & Science

High School Math and Science teacher Julien Mabika began his career as an engineer, working in Australia and Singapore for six years before finding his calling in the classroom.

Mr. Mabika holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Manufacturing and Design from Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, and in Mechanical Engineering from Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, along with a post-graduate diploma in Education from Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia.

“When I looked up Concordia before applying for this job, I was impressed by its pursuit of academic excellence, family support and its diversity of highly qualified and experienced teachers. I can say I am now proud to be part of this great team.”

Prior to joining Concordia in August 2017, Mr. Mabika has taught Math in Australia, the UK, the Middle East and China.

Mr. Mabika’s favorite hobby is traveling with his family to explore various cultures and foods.




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