Heidi Breedon

Heidi Breeden

Grade 1 Assistant

Heidi arrived in Vietnam in 2010 when her husband, Jason, took a job working for the Vietnam National University to teach English. At that time their children were 12,11 and 7 years of age. Coming from Knoxville, Tennessee USA near the beautiful Great Smokey Mountains, Heidi recounts just arriving in Vietnam, “How would this great adventure and huge transition go for our family? Thankfully we have been blessed with a great community of friends- now Hanoi is our home.”

Heidi received her Bachelors of Science degree from Johnson University that also included classes in learning about other cultures and building international relationships. Since then, Heidi has put that learning to good use and traveled to many different countries.

Before coming to Vietnam, the Breedens were part of a home school co-op where Heidi taught History, Science and Art. This gave her invaluable experience in teaching to many different ages and learning styles.

In 2011, Heidi’s children began attending school at Concordia and Heidi became an assistant teacher in the Preschool program. She shares, “It is my privilege to serve the youngest in our Concordia community. Working with Mrs. Elliott and Mrs. Roberts has also been a joy.”

Heidi enjoys dinner dates with her husband, sipping tea with friends, walking in shaded areas, spending time with her kids, and reading the National Geographic cover to cover.




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