Dr Brent Kilback

Dr. Brent Kilback

Secondary Biology & Chemistry

High school Science teacher Dr. Brent Kilback has been an educator for 34 years.  Dr. Kilback holds a Doctorate of Law (Honorary) from Concordia University of Nebraska in Seward, Nebraska (USA) and a Master’s Degree in International Education from Framingham State University in Boston, Massachusetts (USA).

After a distinguished career that has taken him from teaching positions at Concordia University, Edmonton, to international schools in Guatemala and Papua New Guinea, where he served as head of school, Dr. Kilback joined Concordia in 2015 to return to his core passion of instructing in the classroom.

Dr. Kilback has published two scientific textbooks, “Body in Balance” (Clarke and Cunningham, 1990), a human physiology textbook; and “Struggle for Balance” (Clarke and Cunningham, 1996, 1st Revision 2010) a general high school biology textbook.

A dedicated scientist devoted to ongoing research, Dr. Kilback has a particular interest in microbiology and has done laboratory research in the area of cytokinesis, spindle fiber assembly and microtubule formation in eucaryotic cell.

“The good students, excellent facilities, pristine location and the fascinating country that is Vietnam, combined with the school’s wholesome ethos, make my work at Concordia very rewarding.”

Dr. Kilback’s hobbies include skiing, swimming, cycling and microbiology.




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