Debbie Burns

Debbie Burns


Debbie Burns has nearly 40 years experience in the classroom and is a graduate of Washington State University in Pullman, Washington (USA) from which she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education.

Mrs. Burns is a passionate advocate for the benefits of play-based learning and joins us from Concordia International School Shanghai, where she has taught for the past eight years.

Mrs. Burns was also instrumental in incorporating service learning into the Concordia Shanghai curriculum, and has presented extensively on the benefits of service learning at professional academic conferences, including the Asia Society Conference in New York City, the National Youth Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C., the EARCOS conference in Bangkok, Thailand, and the ALEA Conference in Hanoi.

“I am excited to be in Hanoi, learning about a new culture and teaching at Concordia Hanoi with highly talented colleagues!”

Prior to joining Concordia, Mrs. Burns has taught at international schools in Doha, Qatar, and Shenzhen and Shekou, China, as well as in her native state of Washington, USA.

Her husband, Mike also joined Concordia this year from Concordia Shanghai and they have two grown sons and four grandchildren (with a fifth on the way).

Mrs. Burns’ hobbies include travel, exploring, cooking, reading and playing with her grandchildren.




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