Cindy Hsieh

Cindy Hseih


Mandarin teacher Cindy Hsieh holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Russian Language and Literature from National Chengchi University, College of Foreign Languages, in Taiwan, along with a minor in Education.

Ms. Hsieh also holds a Certificate of Proficiency: Teaching Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language, issued by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan.

“What I like best about teaching at Concordia is good colleagues who are always helpful and willing to share their experience and advice. To me, Concordia is a big family where I feel accepted and the atmosphere of collaboration is awesome - it keeps me learning something new everyday. I also like the feeling of accomplishment when seeing students grow in knowledge, confidence, and skills.”

Prior to Joining Concordia in August 2016, Ms. Hsieh spent two years at United Nations International School of Hanoi as a “mother tongue” teacher of Mandarin.

Ms. Hsieh’s hobbies include reading, cooking, baking, and hiking.




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