Angie Nguyen

Angie Nguyen

ES Secretary

Angie Nguyen finished her Bachelor degree at Foreign Trade University (Vietnam) and then graduated her MBA from the University of Chester (UK). 

"Being a member of Concordia is a great experience for me. All faculty and staffs are really caring, friendly and helpful. Actually, we do not see each other as "colleagues" but "friends and family members". During the school year, there are various events for us to engage in, helping us to connect and strengthening our team-building spirit. With the aim of building a gorgeous second home for all of our kids, every member in Concordia is devoting ourselves to the development of the school and the improvement of the students".

Angie took part in several educational institutes, bringing her deep understanding in Education field. The period being abroad brought her a chance to know about the UK's educational system. In addition, her working experiences not only help her to build up professional working skills and attitude but also gave her understanding in the US and Canadian educational system. She hopes that with all precious lessons learnt from the past, she could contribute to the growth of Concordia Family.




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