Employment Opportunities

at Concordia International School Hanoi

Thank you for your interest in working at Concordia International School Hanoi. All available teaching positions can be found below.

Local hire positions available include:

  • Mandarin Teacher (part-time)
  • Vietnamese Nurse
  • Middle School Secretary
  • Receptionist

Please contact Monica Nguyen at monica.nguyen@concordiahanoi.org with your CV for more information about local hire positions.

Overseas hire positions available include:

  • Qualifications
  • Compensation
  • FAQ

Each position Concordia seeks to fill has its own set of qualifications, but these general guidelines apply:

  • A background of successful teaching as verified by references
  • A record of continuous professional development
  • Substantial experience in the subject or grade level in question
  • Ability and interest in contributing to the extracurricular program
  • Excellent writing and speaking skills in English
  • Evidence of the use of technology in the classroom
  • Good health
  • Minimum two years teaching experience
  • Minimum bachelor's degree

In our search for the best teachers, Concordia considers candidates in various family circumstances: singles, couples and families with children.

Concordia International School Hanoi seeks teachers with powerful and engaging classroom skills, evidence of continuous professional development, and a love of children and young people.


Concordia strives to provide teachers with a competitive salary and benefit package. Salaries are based upon length of experience, level of education, and position responsibilities. In addition to a competitive salary teachers are provided a extensive benefits packages.


Overseas expatriate faculties are those who are recruited from abroad by the school, specifically to work at Concordia.

Benefits for overseas hires:
  • Vietnamese income taxes
  • Retirement plan: LCMS plan or cash payment
  • Worldwide medical insurance
  • Yearly stipend for professional Laptop computer
  • Professional development allowance
  • Housing (see FAQ)
  • Annual passage allowance in support of home leave
  • Early resignation decision allowance
  • Relocation allowance
  • School fees at Concordia for teachers' children


Local expatriate faculty are those already residing in Hanoi holding a foreign passport. Their decision for coming to Hanoi may be to accompany a spouse or partner who will be working in Hanoi, or any other circumstance that would cause them to be here prior to the hiring process. (The one exception: Teachers who are employed at another international school within Hanoi and are receiving an overseas hire package may receive an overseas contract with Concordia. The teacher's present employer must verify in writing that the teacher is currently receiving an overseas hire package, as per benefits noted in the overseas hire list of benefits, and acknowledge that the teacher is free to consider a contract with Concordia.) Applications are received throughout the year. Please state you are a local expatriate when sending us your application.

Benefits for local expatriate hires:
  • Vietnamese income taxes
  • Retention bonus: paid upon completion of first three years' service and at end of every subsequent, consecutive year thereafter
  • Worldwide medical insurance available if needed
  • Yearly stipend for professional Laptop computer
  • Professional development allowance
  • Early resignation decision allowance
What is the hiring process at Concordia?

Concordia accepts new applications in the fall. Staffing needs for the coming year are finalized by December 1. Applications should include a completed application form, a cover letter, a resume, and letters of reference. A face-to-face interview is preferred; Skype is used as necessary for long-distance interviews. Successful applications will be notified with a contract and position details.

Can you explain the salary and benefits?

Concordia offers teachers a highly-competitive salary. The salary and benefits information for both overseas and local expatriate hires are posted here.

Do you hire teachers with a non-teaching spouse?

Concordia prefers to hire teaching couples. All qualified applicants will be considered.

Does Concordia only hire Christian teachers?

Quality of teaching is always paramount in hiring. Concordia seeks to hire teachers who share in and support its mission and values. By living their faith, they model and teach values like integrity, respect, responsibility, and service. Concordia's teachers are ever aware that parents have entrusted them with God's most precious gift, their children.

What does it mean that Concordia teachers integrate technology into the classroom?

Technology isn't a class at Concordia; it's a way of learning. Concordia is committed to providing students and teachers with the latest technology tools and expertise. On Concordia's wireless campus, students from Kindergarten to Grade 5 enjoy a 2:1 student-to-computer ratio in the classrooms. Grades 6-12 participate in a Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) Program. Teachers use various technologies throughout the curriculum. Concordia provides additional tech support in the elementary, middle and high schools from designated educators who work as technology integrationists. Concordia teachers use several internal Web sites, including the unique internal, school website for distributing information, sharing curriculum, posting photos, etc. In addition, Concordia gives a technology stipend for teachers to purchase a professional laptop.

Does Concordia support professional development?

The most important professional development occurs as teachers work in teams and plan together, which is common at Concordia. Concordia also sponsors teachers to attend workshops that further the goals the school is working on at the time; outside experts come to campus, sometimes in collaboration with other international schools in the area; and each teacher has an annual fund (approximately US$1,250) to spend on professional opportunities of her/his choosing.

What is life like in Hanoi?

Despite boasting a population of over 8 million inhabitants, Hanoi has been commonly referred to as a large village. Hoan Kiem Lake, considered the city’s center, is never more than a 30-40 minute drive from any part of the city.

One of the most common initial impressions on newcomers to Hanoi is the fact that life happens so much on the street. The city constantly buzzes with life from the invasion of motorbike traffic to the Vietnamese families and that seem to always be outdoors in front of their homes. Early morning exercises fills the parks and neighbors tend to join each other in eating and socializing in front of their homes and out on the streets.

Living in Hanoi can be both exhilarating and frustrating. Many people claim that Vietnam still holds a touch of true Asia and has not yet turned into any other major city in the world. This means that there is much to be explored and learned about the Vietnamese but for some, the excitement of new culture may be out of their comfort zone. For more about moving to and living in Vietnam, click here.

What is housing like? When will I know my housing assignment?

Faculty members live in family-sized apartments, three or four bedroom. The school provides basic appliances and pays the rent; the teacher furnishes the apartment and pays utilities. Concordia informs new hires of their housing assignment prior to their arrival in August.

When do new teachers arrive in Hanoi? What will happen at orientation?

New teachers and their families usually arrive by August 1st of the year the will begin teaching. Concordia will later communicate specific details and arrange transportation. During the first week in Hanoi, teachers and their families will be introduced to the city, assisted in setting up their homes, and given an overview of Concordia. The following week, faculty will meet and further planning and preparations will take place. The first day of school is usually mid-August.

How do teachers get additional information prior to moving to Hanoi?

Concordia regularly distributes information to new teachers through e-mail, a Wiki-page, and through an on-site teacher pen pal. Concordia's Web site — www.ConcordiaHanoi.org — has a wealth of information about the school and links to information and organizations around Hanoi.

Where is your faculty from?

The majority teachers are from North America but the faculty nationalities vary.

What are medical services like?

Medical care options are between International SOS clinics, Family Medical Practice, and VinMec Hospital for everyday needs and emergencies. Those seeking second opinions or planning non-emergency surgery will travel to Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore or their home countries for treatment.




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