23 May 2017

Slam Dunk Basketball Summer Camp and Concordia

The Slam Dunk U.S. Coaches Basketball Camp is at Concordia this summer!  The camp will be hosted in Concordia' state-of-the-art gymnasium featuring Trinity-Pawlings Head Basketball Coach, Bill Casson, along with other U.S. Coaches and players.

Venue: Concordia International School Hanoi

Who: Middle & High School Boys and Girls

Date: July 17-28

Cost: 25,000,000 VND

Camp includes conditioning, contests, games, daily prizes, and a tournament. This camp is open to the Hanoi community.  For more information, please contact huyen@aegvietnam.com or call (04) 3762 2375.

About Coach Bill Casson: 

As the current coach of the Trinity-Pawling School in New York, Bill Casson has been leading his team "the Pride: to the New England Tournament 10 times for 12 years, willing it all in 2005 as well as runner up finish in 2004. Under his coaching, "the Pride" has also won 7 Tri-State League titles and 6 Founders league titles.  in 32 years of prep school coaching, Casson has over 470 wins and has placed over 120 players in US Colleges of all levels. 

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