27 November 2017

Science Through Art

Elementary school art students glimpse their coming science lessons as new Art teacher Jill Allyn Carter introduces curriculum concepts through art.

In one project, Preschoolers are learning about trees by tracing leaves and using the cutouts to make butterflies.

“We made butterflies using leaves as the shape, it was fun,” said Suria, adding, “If you’re hot you can use them as a fan.”

“The butterflies are fun, I really like to catch real butterflies,” said Anna.

For Grade 2, Ms. Carter has introduced the human body, and the style of the artist Keith Haring, by tracing the body and painting Haring style paintings from this.  

“This is project based learning. It’s about the whole child and the whole curriculum, and their learning throughout,” explained Ms. Carter, “and the creative process in the art room.”

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