21 December 2017

Parent Support Organization (PSO)

By Jamie Edwards, PSO Leader

The PSO was started for Concordia parents to form a community that supports the school and student body. If you have a child at Concordia, then you are automatically a part of our PSO community. Because of availability, some parents are more involved than others. We aim to come alongside the administration to enrich the educational experience of our children. Research shows that the more parents are involved in the whole educational experience, the better the student does academically.

Elementary parents were asked to volunteer as room parents to help boost support at the classroom level. These parents are the front line in assisting the teachers with field trips, class parties, celebrating teacher birthdays, and others help as the teacher has need.

This year the PSO is more active than ever. We have begun a booster club, selling concessions at all home games. We saw this as an opportunity to get more parents to the games even if their child is not playing or participating. When parents are involved and students come out to support their peers it boosts community spirit.

The PSO also sponsored a Mid Autumn Festival in October. We have over 30 parents actively involved in making this event a reality. It has been an enriching experience watching our parents from various nationalities come together with the shared vision of seeing our kids have fun and celebrate our diversity through games and other cultural experiences.

Throughout the school year it is our hope to host more events like a BBQ and Movie Night, International Day, Staff Appreciation Day, city tour, and so much more. Of course we can not run all the events we want to without your help. Please consider becoming a more active member is our PSO community.

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