22 May 2018

Middle & High School Music Programs

Our middle and high school music program has produced a number of accomplished musicians singing, playing and even composing complex classical pieces. We spoke with some of the Concordia musicians to learn more about Concordia’s Music program.

“We have exercises that do a lot for our voices, which increase the range. We defy expectations and do songs that push our limits, expanding our range,” said Thuan (G11). “At other schools we have at most 2 parts, here we have up to 8 parts with 39 people and we still pull it off. When we sing we can deliver messages that otherwise would be hard to verbalise. I’ve talked to people after concerts and they’ve told me they’ve been inspired, so they feel what we intended and more - and that inspires me. Everyone supports each other and that is the foundation of choir - people working together harmoniously.  It’s a bonding experience as well. We have that musician bond, bringing people with the same passions together - I’m grateful to choir for that.”

Gracie (G10) not only plays piano with the choir and chamber ensemble, she is also a composer: 

“I had a background understanding of music, and so the music theory class pushed me toward composing. I learned how to work with chords and scales. We started trying to improvise songs on a piano and then moved to setting that down on paper,” said Gracie (G10). “Music is very mathematical it is so much more than an idea - you have to know the technical side. Learning about that I gravitated naturally toward composing. As the piano, I get to look at get familiar with other instruments, got to know their sound and got interested in composing for those instruments. I’m writing pieces for flute, cello and violin, and I plan to take AP Music Theory.”

Middle - high school music teacher Nancy Durance echoed these sentiments:

“It’s been amazing to see how the kids have risen to the challenge, not only reading music but also expanding to different cultures. At times we perform 8 part harmony acapella - we’d never thought we could. Students enjoy the organic nature of their voices and the sounds that they make. In the instrument ensemble we’re expanding the register of what our instruments can do and technical abilities of each player, playing composers like Bach and Shostakovich. Students are becoming aware of musicians, understand how musicians think and operate.”

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